JCargoo is No Longer Supporting IE6

Posted by jcargoo | Sunday, November 16, 2008
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The time has come to announce that JCargoo site is no longer supporting IE6. It does not mean at all that all UI components and site features will not work properly, but it simply means that IE6 users visiting this site won’t get as good of experience because of some crappy things which can appear in the site and knowing that I can fix them of course, but really I want to end with this waste of time for one of the worst tech products of all time.
Thus I'm not talking about leaving my site unusable for IE6 users.
IE 6 is a last-generation browser which means that IE 6 can't provide the same web experience that modern browsers can do. The fact of continuing the support of IE 6 means that we can't provide enhanced customer experience in our applications.

What's Wrong With IE6?

This is a small part of a very large list which led me to take this decision


1. Lack of support for current standards for HTML markup, CSS, etc;
2. Support for non-standard features not compatible with other browsers;
3. No PNG transparency support;
4. Released in 2001: we've completely moved beyond everything about IE6…;
5. Slow and doesn’t behave well.

Now you can understand that the site chiefly concerns technical people and professional developers who already know the difference between supporting or not the IE6 as well as the much-suffering of developers when trying to enhance their features by testing them in all browsers.

Sorry IE6 users but may be it is time to upgrade (of course! if you can...).

How to encourage this blog if you like it:
  • Promote our sponsors;
  • Add any kind of comment or critic;
  • Ask me directly by email if you prefer.
Just do something like that, and I will have the huge pleasure to continue posting the best of the creativity I have.

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