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Posted by jcargoo | Sunday, November 9, 2008
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Tavs Dokkedahl has created as part of a larger animation framework a plotting tool for visualizing functions. This tool is made entirely in JavaScript, uses no graphics and the generated source code is W3C compliant.
The first beta is ready for public viewing and currently supports

  • Real valued functions of one variable y = f(x)
  • Parameter functions for plane curves (x,y) = f(t)
  • Customizable plots like curve resolution and axis positioning
  • Simple zoom functionality (not for plane curves).
The program uses an absolute positioned div
for the graph canvas area. Each point on the curve is internally calculated and stored as the real function values. When the point is plotted it is converted to a div and positioned relative to the canvas taken axis scaling into account.
This creates a lot of divs but IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari seems to cope fine when the number is no greater than 1500 points.

You can find it here.

Remark: You need Internet Explorer 7 or better to use the JSLab Plot Tool. You can of course also use Firefox, Opera or Safari.

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