Keep Your Kids Away From Inappropriate Content with FoxFilter

Posted by jcargoo | Monday, January 19, 2009
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Block undesirable sites under Firefox is simple and possible if you choose to use Foxfilter which is a Firefox add-on.
Works on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms, Foxfilter is an efficient way to hold back any inappropriate content access.

How to use it?
  • Go here to add the add-on to your Firefox. Accept to install it.
  • You will find “FoxFilter Preferences” under Tools menu. Click on this link and make sure that you have ‘Enable Filtering’ already activated. Now you have just to save the changes.

  • In the Black List tab, you can specify in the “Block These Keywords and Websites” field all keywords that you want to be blocked. You can also ignore a keyword matching within specific phrases.

  • FoxFilter includes white list feature which allows parents, administrators, etc. to designate a specific list of sites that can be accessed. The sensitivity tab is used to control which elements of a Web page will be examined (URL, Title, Meta Content and Body Content).
    In order to prevent FoxFilter from being disabled or removed, the security tab allows you to customize your security settings.

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