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Posted by jcargoo | Friday, August 14, 2009
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Before to reveal my best articles I have read this week, I would like first to talk concisely about some events which left their mark on me. As usual some important things happen this week. People talked about the event day of the Apple Tablet announcement and its launch date (September 7th) or till 2010.

Social media news bloggers were interested on Facebook acquirement of FriendFeed, Facebook Paid Nearly $50 Million for FriendFeed to update his status to "Married". Again we talked about the cyberattacks that twitter was subjected to. The Zune HD’s launch date (September 15th) announced by Microsoft. YouTube homepage gets finally an unnecessary redesign. Better sharing features added to Google reader so you can finally share your RSS items with your favorite social websites. Google talked about the next-generation architecture for Google's web search. This new search engine version is called Google Cafeine.
Google unveiled also the new "Social Gadgets" for its iGoogle site. This new detail lets some observers to say that iGoogle is transformed to a social network and might be the start of Facebook real problems(...)
There are so many other events to talk about. However, the aim of my Friday Post is merely to share with you my best posts selection of this week.
This following posts roundup remains varied.


Review of eight regular expressions that you should know for your next coding project. The article is well explained. The comments too.

Jeffrey Way, the editor of Nettuts+ posted fifteen video tutorials that teach you how to use the jQuery library. Neat screencasts, clear explanation, and several IDE, browsers and tricks used to teach you how to use the jQuery library in your projects.


Some tips for creating the best blog you can, and doing so with the resources you already have. Interesting article about how to make a convenient strategy for your blog.

The post is somehow old but the content still remains relevant and will be always so in the future. Simple beginners’ points are discussed with a clear method.

Darren Rowse presents a few tips that should help bloggers get the best results out of any affiliate program that they choose to run with. The revealed method will not surely work right for every blogger. Because all of us have already had at least one time (or more) affiliate program bad experimentation (in terms of revenue streams).

Om Malik talks with a sharp insight (as per usual) about the current and the next generation of blogging systems and their needs to be associated with agile resources. The article is not technical but the future idea presented is interesting.

All is about keywords. What are the means that help you to have good search rankings because of SEO and trackbacks? This was the idea behind this article. However, the article does not give a neat comparative review of those search tools with advantages and disadvantages.


Very good article which unveil some of the most important tips and aspects of freelancing and the lifestyle that comes with it. The only thing which was not deeply discussed is the customer aspect.

Small post but rich article. It focuses on this important step of taking the risk.

This post gathers 5 great articles showing the most important freelance elements in terms of business, security, resources and other amazing tips related to freelance field.

Harness the power of partnering is the main subject of this nice article. Only examples are given to show how the partnering has its significant weight to fulfi your task.

What about you? I need your suggestions and ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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