'iPhone' Nano Finally Here But... in China!

Posted by jcargoo | Monday, January 5, 2009
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Another cheap rubbish Chinese product comes to disquiet the MacWorld 2009 event. This is of course a fake of the apple's long-awaited miniature version of the iPhone. It combines 3G functionality with an iPod Nano. No enough

time for those stealers who gave rise to this stuff to wait until that Apple offers for sale its iPhone Nano –the thing which is absolutely hearsay before now.

As you can see from the picture, Mini-iPhone ($102.76) is just a miniature version of the legitimate big brother. Fake iPhone manufacturers in China have actually started selling iPhone Nanos in Thailand market.
Mini-iPhone has two SIM card slots, Bluetooth A2DP as well as a VGA camera (technical details).
iPhone Nano untill now is still under speculation, but if the real iPhone nano will not come, it’ll be really hard time for those Chinese swindlers to push simple people to lap up these clones.

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